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PSUR-Writing Service At Competitive Prices

The pricing of the PSUR-writing service is based on the type of PSUR ordered (customized or pooled), the number of publications for the reporting period, the number of direct reports, studies, variations of the SmPC and the number of participating firms.

The cost estimate provided a firm is based on basic information provided by the ordering firm in the form of a questionnaire, which asked for information on the data lock point, reporting period, spontaneous reports, studies, etc. Then, a preliminary literature search is performed in more than 12 relevant databases for the specific time period, insofar as the time period is not already covered in the Literature Research Tool. Based on the literature found in this preliminary search, a cost estimate is provided to the firm.

If a pooled PSUR is ordered, the costs are based on the literature items found for the harmonized reporting period and the number of firms ordering that particular PSUR. This maximizes the cost reduction achieved by utilizing the synergistic effects between the Literature Research Tool, multiple firms and the partial PSUR template.

We would be happy to provide you with a free cost estimate for either a customized or pooled PSUR for your active substance. To receive such an estimate, please download either the „customized PSUR“ form or the „pooled PSUR“ form and send the completed form to us via email: or via Fax: #49 (0) 30 2 79 09 – 337. We will then contact you with an estimate.

If you have general questions to pricing within the PSUR-writing service of the project, please feel free to contact us at Tel: +49 (0) 30 2 79 09 – 137 or via email: